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"Breaking Free to Be Me"  

A Transformational 5-Day Healing Journey

Are you ready to heal & break free from mental bondage, the sting of betrayal, belittlement, and heavy burdens? Join us for this FREE Healing for My Soul™ Challenge, where we dive deep into the theme of "Breaking Free to Be Me!" 
2024 is the year where we say NO MORE and over 90,000 women across the globe take our challenge to experience faith based teachings that will cause you to heal within the depths of your soul as you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!
WARNING: We don't shy away from tough topics. We confront the real challenges that women face in today's world and provide a safe space for true healing and growth. 
Why should you join the Healing for My Soul™ Challenge?
Are You Ready to Break Free and Heal? 

The year of 2023 may have hit us all hard in our relationships, our finances, self-worth, and feeling mentally drained, but we declare that this SHALL not be your life! It's time to release the chains of bondage, betrayal, and all heavy burdens as you embark on a journey towards true healing.

If you have been hit in the depths of your soul then you must join this free challenge where you will reclaim your power, restore your worth, and rejuvenate who you are as a woman! 

 This is not the season to allow the residue of your hurt to keep you hostage, when God has given you the authority to break free & heal. 

Join the FREE challenge January 29th-February 2nd to get spiritual teachings & life coaching strategies  and be part of a community of women seeking profound transformation!  IT'S YOUR TIME!
Why do we host this FREE challenge?  Well, we Believe in the POWER of Healing! 
Healing for My Soul™ is a movement  led by Pastor Dee and Ari as they provide an authentic & powerful space for true healing & transformation.  They directly address the real & raw truth of woman's life experiences and create an environment where women can laugh, cry, pray, and most importantly allow the healing power of God & His Word to transform their heart & soul!

Through their faith based Kingdom Teachings they have built a community of over 90,000 women from around the world who are serious about prioritizing 5 days to bring healing to the depths of their soul! 

Are you ready to say "yes" to your healing?
Our  Challenge Theme: 
"Breaking Free to Be Me"
    The Healing for My Soul™ Challenge is for you If...
    • You are tired of feeling belittled, broken, burdened, or betrayed all the time due to the people around you!
    • ​You want to break free from the bondage that attacks your mind & walk boldly in your power!
    • ​You are ready to use the pain you have experienced for a greater purpose!
    • ​You want to build your confidence & overcome the mind games the enemy plays to rob you of your FREEDOM!
    • ​You want to heal from the past experiences that are hindering you from living life you your fullest potential!
    • ​You want to gain a deeper understanding of the spirits that come up against you & how to leverage over the enemy in 2024!
    • ​You want to rekindle your relationship with God and apply His Word to your life so that you can finally heal & transform from within.
    • ​You need to join of community of powerful women who can relate to your journey & uplift you as you pursue healing!
    What you'll experience? 
    Daily Teachings: Each night we provide a live Kingdom teaching that provides spiritual strategies to heal heal & break free from from belittlement, betrayal, brokenness, bondage and much more! 
    Deep Devotionals: Each morning you'll receive a thought provoking devotional email that will cause you to dig deep in your soul for self-examination and spiritual growth.
    Devoted Community: Connect with like-minded women devoted to their  healing journey. Share your thoughts, revelations, and challenges in a safe and supportive environment. 
    How our 5 Day Healing for My Soul™ Challenge Works? 
    How to join for free? 
    Sign up for free  by clicking the green button below and insert your name, email, and number!
    Get access to our private facebook community where there is NO judgment! You are not alone on this journey, so come meet your "healing hype" sisters who will show genuine love & support! 
    Set you alarm for 8pm EST (January 29th-Feb 2nd) and get ready for a revival like never before with over 90,000 women ready to start your healing journey!

    5 Day Healing for My Soul™ FAQ's? 

    When is the Challenge?
    The challenge will be from Monday, January 29th-February 2nd. Each day we will be live at 8pm EST to guide you through the Word of God on how to bring healing to your soul & teach you strategies to heal within your soul?
    Is the Challenge Free?
    Yes, the online challenge is totally free. You’ll only have to invest your time and we guarantee the days will FLY by and it will be the best investment you will make in your life all year.
    Do I have to buy anything during the challenge?
    No, however, we've created for you the VIP Pass, that comes with an exclusive power tool + FREE access to our morning VIP "Heal My Soul Sister" Circle. It's a small investment, but it's designed to give you more teaching & hands on strategies from Pastor Dee & Ari.  
    What if I'm not on facebook? 
    No worries, if you are not on facebook we will also stream live on youtube for you to watch! 
    What if I miss a live session? 
    Replays of the daily challenge sessions will be available in the Private Facebook group ONLY until 8 PM EST on February 3rd (at which point they will be removed.) So if you can’t make the live sessions, join anyway and schedule some time to watch the replays at your own convenience.
    About Your Healing for My Soul™ Challenge Hosts
    Pastor Dee & Ari are the Co-Owners of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a faith based community that guides over 90,000 women of faith on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life & relationships while igniting their power through prayer & spiritual warfare for the Kingdom of God.

    As mother & daughter, this dynamic duo are a never before seen blend of boldness, strength, and dynamite impacting generations of women nationwide!  

    Whether they are hosting their annual conferences, coaching, or curating a cutting edge topic for their television show, Pastor Dee & Ariel show up teaching God’s Word from a Kingdom perspective and educate those who are ready to dig deeper in their faith about God’s dunamis power so that souls may be set free and minds will be transformed.

    Together they have established their Dunamis Woman Community and spearhead the Healing for My Soul™ movement which is the #1 leading avenue for women to heal across the globe! 

    Today, Pastor Dee serves as a Spiritual Leader, Transformational Life & Relationship Coach, and Self Publishing Author selling over 10,000 books worldwide. Meanwhile, Ariel serves as a Speaker, Spiritual Coach & Success Strategist inspiring her generation to walk boldly while embracing their spirituality, singleness, sensuality and success! 
    True servant leaders at heart, Pastor Dee & Ariel have availed their lives to heal the hearts of women, restore marriages & families, and bring about a miraculous change within the earth, while leaving a legacy for the next generation. Residing in Atlanta, GA they now work relentlessly as entrepreneurs to leave a legacy through their companies, Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC and BMWK Enterprise, LLC (Black and Married with Kids).
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